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Who We Are

Commodities International, LLC is boutique buyer of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium) and other high-value commodities based in Massachusetts, USA.  Commodities International's founders have over 30 years of experience in the mining and precious commodities industries with a particular emphasis on the product of West Africa and the Russian Federation.  Our goal is 100% seller satisfaction with every purchase.

How We Operate

Commodities International operates under strict Swiss Procedures to ensure the safest, most reliable transactions in full compliance with the regulations of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, the World Gold Council, and United States and international laws.  Our refineries are some of the most respected names in the business.  We buy only from sellers located in non-conflict, sanction-free nations who pass a rigorous international background check and meet all the requirements of the USA Patriot Act.  All purchases are on an Incoterms 2020 CIF basis.  Please see our Procedures for more information about our operation.

Why Sell To Us

Commodities International is different.  Sellers of precious commodities have a great many choices for selling their products around the world.  Gold and silver in particular serve as an international currency, meaning they have a high value everywhere.  This liquidity attracts a variety of different types of buyers, some of whom are only interested in making as much money off of your product as possible.  Some just want to steal from you.  Unlike most of our competitors, we focus much of our efforts on buying from community-owned mines and their brokers.  We partner closely with charitable organizations such as the Health On Earth Foundation which organize and deliver a wide range of humanitarian, medical, educational, and practical aid to these communities.  A portion of our profits go to donations to these non-profit organizations which help to improve the health, education, and overall quality of life of the people in our seller's communities.  Improving the lives of our sellers' communities is an important part of the Commodities International mission.

In addition to our partnerships with charities, Commodities International stands ready and able to provide technical and engineering assistance to our miner-sellers.  We can provide advice and consultation for your mining operations to help maximize both yield and safety.  Our staff and consulting partners can advise on the best mining plan for your land including geological analysis, water management, equipment choice and placement, training on equipment operation/maintenance, and reclamation of land.  We can even locate and arrange the purchase of the specialty equipment you need.


Commodities International follows strict Swiss Procedures in all its transactions to ensure compliance with all United States and international laws and regulations relevant to the sale and shipping of precious metals.  We adhere to all the requirements of the USA Patriot Act to prevent funding illegal activities such as terrorism and money laundering.  We do not deviate from our procedures under any circumstances.  We do not advance funds under any circumstances.  To fully understand the initial process, please refer to the document "Guide to Precious Metal Transactions."

Once your product arrives in the United States, Commodities International will deliver it to one of our LBMA or non-LBMA refineries.  Regardless of LBMA affiliation, our refineries each are among the most highly-respected and trusted in the precious metals industry.  The refinery will test your product for purity and weight, determine its value based on the LBMA Second Fixing price for that day, and refine it for sale.  You will be paid based on this valuation within 72 hours of refining.***

How To Sell To Us

The first step in initiating a transaction with Commodities International is to read our document "Guide to Precious Metal Transaction."  This outlines the basic procedure and will give you an idea of what to expect in a transaction under strict Swiss Procedures.  We use these procedures exclusively and without exception.  We do not deviate from these procedures for any reason or at any time.  Precious metals transactions are highly regulated by the World Gold Council and International Precious Metals Legislation.  We go to great lengths to ensure we are in one hundred percent compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

 Once you are familiar with our procedures you may contact us with a Full Corporate Offer.  If you need help in drafting a Full Corporate Offer, you may download an example of one from our Forms page to use as a template.  If at any time you have questions, feel free to contact us via e-mail at info@CommoditiesInternationalUSA.com.

 We recommend you retain legal counsel to ensure you understand the documents you will be signing.



Commodities International
196 E. Princeton Rd.
Princeton, Massachusetts 01541, U.S.A.


Guide to Precious Metal Transactions.pdf        This describes the strict procedures we follow for every sale.

Full Corporate Offer Sample.pdf                       You may use this as-is or as a template.

USA Patriot Act and AML Form.pdf                This is the mandatory background check for all sellers.

***  Footnote:  For some sellers, particularly new ones, there may be an additional delay, depending upon your banking institution and its processing of wire transfer payments.  Commodities International will not be held responsible for delays which are beyond our control

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